5 signs that you are the best mother in the world and what sets you apart from other parents

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When you become a parent, you take on the responsibility of taking care of and educating your little one. Do you often feel insecure and dissatisfied with yourself and have the feeling that you are not doing enough for your child to become a good person with many qualities? Here are some milestones that will prove to you that you are a top 10 parent!

The little one is taken care of

If you have a child who is dressed according to the weather, is clean, wears spotless clothes and neat shoes, it means that you are a good parent. Often, children who are physically or emotionally abused dress in dirty clothes or shoes that are inappropriate for the season in which they are.

You encourage him to go to school

A grade 10 parent takes care of the child’s school situation. So if he learns well and only misses motivated, it is a sign that you are leading him on the right path. Nor will it be a problem if he misses a few lessons for a well-founded reason. On the other hand, if you get him used to being absent – to go on an exercise trip when it’s not a holiday or on days when he doesn’t really want to go -, you won’t help him learn well. If the child wants to go to school even when he is sick, it is a sign that he has problems at home. Either he is afraid that he will be scolded for being absent, or he does not feel safe with those in his house,

You notice when he needs attention and affection

A child must have activities appropriate to his stage of development. If he has qualities that usually belong to adults, such as being very responsible, he may want to be in control and to be appreciated by his loved ones. A grade 10 parent takes care to assure his child that he is appreciated and loved, without the need for him to strive to obtain laudatory statements. The need for appreciation and control can make some children become aggressors to others their age or younger, pushing or offending them.

You detect reactions to bullying

A good parent is attentive to the child, if he is affected by aggressive peers or friends, or if he becomes an aggressor. In both situations, he tries to draw attention to himself. An abused child will become shy, withdrawn and will seek the parents’ company more often. If he’s always been affectionate, that’s great, but when he suddenly changes, it’s a clear red flag. Another signal that a good parent is receptive to involves changing the route to school. The hidden purpose could be the presence of children who misbehave with him. And the child’s clothing choices are carefully watched by a parent of grade 10. Today he dresses very colorfully and is cheerful, and in a few days he is looking for black clothes and is strangely silent? You should make sure that it is just something specific to adolescence or a form of hiding in case he is a victim of bullying.

You are attentive to the signs of illness

Among the parents, the mother is the one who instinctively senses when something is wrong with the child. A grade 10 mother is alerted at the first signs of her little one’s illness. When he complains on the way to kindergarten or school that he has a stomachache or a headache, an attentive mother will take him to the pediatrician and do the necessary medical investigations without blaming everything on his fears about the community. A good parent fights so that he then receives the best treatment to recover. A trivial, vague stomach ache may indicate gastritis, a headache that intensifies and to which is added neck stiffness, lethargy and sensitivity to light may hide a dangerous meningitis. There are situations in which a doctor may not detect from the first signs of illness if it is something serious, but when a mother feels that it is something serious and insists, thorough analyzes are done that confirm her fears and, thus, the child is saved.

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