Changing table – a useful accessory for your and the baby’s comfort

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Taking into account the fact that, until the baby begins to go to the potty, the baby must be changed once every 3 hours (which also involves other operations, such as repetitive bathing and undressing), a changing table proves to be an invaluable aid in ” work” as a parent.

How to choose a changing table

Although on the market there are a lot of offers with all kinds changing table modelswhen you make that choice you must take into account some basic aspects, such as the size of the table (to have enough space for this piece of furniture), the material from which it is made, the quality of the top, accessories and price.

1. The size of the changing table

Each mother knows better what her needs are after giving birth and which changing table model suits her. Whether it’s a high table, which helps you not to lean too much, or one that can be placed above the bathtub for adults.

2. The material from which the changing table is made and the quality of the top

The changing table must have a light structure and strength as well, and the mattress that covers the top is recommended to be made of waterproof, easy-to-clean materials. took these mothers’ wishes into account, thus offering sets made of quality, safe and comfortable materials, making the little one’s playroom a pleasure for both parents and children.

3. The accessories of a changing table

For many mothers, an inspired choice turned out to be a multifunctional changing table with a removable tub, drain hose, soap dish, drawers and wheels for handling.

4. The price of the changing table

The price of a changing table starts from 349 lei (a simple model) and can reach 995 lei (a chest of drawers model). If the space does not allow you to purchase such an accessory or you travel a lot with the baby, you can make another, equally useful choice – a special mattress for changing.