Correct nutrition during pregnancy – what to eat and what to avoid

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To eat or not to eat – if it were that simple, no one would write about proper nutrition during pregnancy. Doctors should no longer explain and combat myths, such as the one that a pregnant woman must eat enough for two.

Correct nutrition during pregnancy is a topic increasingly accessed by future mothers. Before you read what we wrote, think that you, as a pregnant woman, must give life to a healthy child through what you eat. The main prohibitions and indications during pregnancy are those related to alcohol consumption, which can increase the risk of congenital defects. Smoking, nicotine and other toxic substances should also be avoided, because they go directly to the baby and attack its health. Folic acid and folate deficiency in pregnancy must be regulated by folic acid intake. Otherwise, the condition called spina bifida – rupture of the spine – may appear. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy must be avoided, because it can lead to rickets in the fetus.

Correct nutrition during pregnancy – list of the best products

The baby and the mother need a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, but also in healthy fats. Include in your daily diet foods rich in B vitamins (especially B9), C and D, in minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. The correct diet during pregnancy must consist of fresh, dry and leafy vegetables (beets, watercress, spinach, lettuce). It relies on legumes, for example white beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas. Fresh fruits must be part of your daily menu, but also dried, oily fruits are very important for the health of the mother and the fetus. Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios – all bring health benefits during pregnancy.

Regarding meat, it is recommended to eat lean beef, fatty and nutritious fish, at most twice a week. Regarding dairy products, things are simpler: consume cheeses with a moderate fat content, yogurts and whipped milk. Eat eggs, but don’t overdo it, and include healthy oils, such as rapeseed or walnut, in your pregnancy diet. It is good to eat something sweet, but opt ​​for a healthy sweet, such as dark chocolate. Trick: enriches the nutritional content of the salads and raw foods you eat with brewer’s yeast in the form of flakes.

Limit the consumption of soy foods

If you are fasting or for other reasons often consume soy-based foods, I have less good news for you. You must limit their consumption to one food per day. They contain phytoestrogens, substances that mimic the action of hormones and can lead to disturbances in the body already affected by the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Reduce the consumption of salt and carefully analyze the labels with hidden salt, such as sausages, appetizers, chips, canned goods, dried cheeses, fast food preparations.

Why avoid?

Stay away from eating raw seafood, swordfish, mackerel! They can have a high mercury content. Remove from the diet foods enriched with phytosterols (margarine), fresh milk, fresh cheese, cheese rind. Bet on pasteurized milk, so as not to expose yourself to the risk of illness due to microorganisms. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy and drinks with excess caffeine. He prefers herbal teas, especially green tea, and fresh fruit juices. Also, drink a lot of water.