Did the child put a foreign body in his ear? Here’s what to do!


Various objects, mostly small and round, such as cotton wool, stones, beads, toys, pieces of paper – end up in

. As long as it is not pushed deep, it can be extracted without major consequences.

If the object is stuck in the inner part of the ear canal, it is advisable to go with the little one to the doctor. In such situations, pain and irritation, temporary hearing loss or even rupture of the eardrum may occur.

While some objects can be easily removed, others can remain unnoticed in the ear and cause a bacterial infection. This can also occur if the walls of the ear canal were injured by the penetration of the object.

If you have detected a foreign object in the child’s ear, avoid removing it using ear sticks or other similar instruments.

However, if it is on the surface, you can try to remove it with tweezers. Be careful not to push the object further inside or hit the ear.

In the summer it can happen that insects enter the ear canal and stay there. They can creep in slowly, when the little one sleeps outdoors, or at night, during sleep. In such situations, it is advisable to tilt the child’s head so that the ear with the insect is up.

In more difficult cases, go to an ENT specialist, who can safely clean the accumulation of dry wax from the ear canal.

To prevent such situations, always supervise the child and avoid giving him small toys or toys that he could put in his ear.

Do not try to remove the object with your fingers or a sharp object. This method may push the object deeper into the ear or cause injury.