Do you have a shy child? advantages

Do you have a shy child

You would like to have a more talkative, sociable child who does not encounter difficulties interacting with other children or young people of his age. Shyness is not exactly a problem. It may be a passing thing.

Choose your friends carefully

As a parent, you can also enjoy the advantages. For example, he will rarely has problems at school.

He will not be aggressive, he will listen to the teachers and respect the rules, focusing more on learning. He is careful when choosing his friends and keeps his friendships sometimes for his whole life.

This is how you help him to be less shy!

Increase his self-esteem

To help him overcome his fears, and increase his confidence that he will find his own solutions. Encourage him to find solutions to various problems he faces, to be creative, and to say what he wants, so that he gets used to expressing his opinions.

Allow him to face his fears

Avoid forcing him to do something he is not ready for and don’t expect him to succeed on the first try. By making a mistake, he will think that he has disappointed you and will give up trying again. Another trick is not to overprotect it. Better let him face his fears alone.

Show him that, for you, he is already what he wants to become

If he is bothered by the fact that he is shy, you, as a parent, do not put this label on him, but treat him as a sociable and open child, as he would like to be. Pejorative comparison with other children will make him withdraw into himself and lose confidence.

Find them extracurricular activities

Passions make any child feel special and will help them to talk to children their own age. You may not like what he chooses, but you have to let him try whatever appeals to him until he finds what suits him.