Do you have a stubborn child? Studies show that he can become richer and more successful than other children

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You often reach the limit of patience with the little one when he imposes his own will and doesn’t do what you say, but maybe it’s not even desirable to try endlessly to change him, to make him give up the stubbornness that drives you away out of mind most of the time.

You have to admit that often nothing can make your child eat their vegetables or get dressed faster when you are in a hurry. He’s stubborn and that’s enough! However, stubbornness is not necessarily a defect, but can even become an advantage, if we are to take into account a recent study.

Time magazine published the results of a recent study, which can be found in its entirety on PsycNET, which encourages parents to let their children be stubborn and not try to change such a characteristic in the little ones. After four decades of research, the study reached a conclusion: stubborn children are the ones who will become ambitious adults, ready to achieve more in life.

Published in the Journal of Developmental Psychology, the study was conducted on 700 12-year-old children, who were observed until the age of 52. Adults who were stubborn as children became more ambitious and ended up earning a better salary than those who, as children, were docile and submissive.

Some of the traits analyzed in the study were impatience, rule breaking and defiance. As I said, stubborn children follow their goal more determinedly and achieve more in adulthood. And this is not all. If you find that your little one is not afraid to go beyond your word and break the rules, these things can be beneficial for him in the future. Many of the adults who have made it in life have broken the rules they received in childhood.

What are the advantages for parents?

Experts believe that it can be a great advantage to have a stubborn child. When they are so persistent in getting what they want, this proves that nothing can stand in the way of fulfilling their dreams, that they can face the problems encountered more easily than the passive and submissive ones. When they don’t give up no matter what, all they really do is find solutions and answers faster and more efficiently than passive children.

Yes, it is exhausting for parents to have endless contradictory discussions with their children who do not want to do as they are told and peace, but perhaps it is a consolation for them to know that their offspring will become adults with a much better chance of success than the others.

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