Does your child have a problem with alcohol? Here’s how to help him

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Age-specific depressive states, inappropriate surroundings and the weakness of one of the parents in terms of alcohol are the main reasons why teenagers start drinking alcohol. But when the consumption is not accidental, and your child suddenly changes his mood or attitude and becomes introverted, his school performance drops, he hides from you where and with whom he spends his free time, it is necessary to intervene. But beware!

Arguments and punishments will be of no use. Instead of them, the dialogue with the child proved to be much more effective. You can bring up the subject when you are watching TV together and there is news about the effects of alcohol. You can even express your fears about how aware he is of these dangers without dramatizing the situation.

If you are unable to communicate with the child yourself, you can ask your teenager’s older siblings or close friends to discuss this issue with him.

Make him believe in himself

Taking into account that a large part of teenagers resort to alcohol to hide their shyness, teach him to trust himself and explain to him that he has his own personality and should not be influenced by others. It also always encourages the child’s healthy behaviors, helping him to have more self-confidence.