Elon Musk has one set of twins and one set of triplets. What kind of father is the richest man on earth?

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This year he became the richest man in the world, reaching a fortune of 185 billion dollars, but his real “treasure” is at home, where no less than six children await him. The smallest of them is X Æ A-XII, a 9-month-old boy with whom the inventor of Paypal payments, Tesla cars, SpaceX and Falcon rockets was photographed last weekend.

The image posted by Elon on his Twitter account, on February 6, aroused great admiration from his 48 million virtual fans. In the photo in question, Musk tries to have a conversation on the phone while his youngest son pulls him by the shirt. The connection between the two is as natural as it is adorable, especially considering the not-so-nice statements that the famous dad has made regarding paternity.

Father of (7) boys

The Tesla director and his life partner, the singer Grimes, became parents in May 2020, when the cute X AE A-XII Musk was born. The little one’s name was originally X Æ A-12 Musk, but it had to be changed to Roman numerals because Californian law does not allow the use of numbers in people’s names. In addition to X Æ A-12, the billionaire has five teenage sons, conceived with his ex-wife, Justine Wilson.

Indeed, Musk considers himself the father of 7 boys, because so many children were born to him. Sadly, his first son, Nevada Alexander Musk, died at just 10 weeks old in 2002. Then, Elon and his wife, Justine, gave birth to twins Griffin Musk and Xavier Musk, born in 2004, via IVF in vitro, after which, in 2006, triplets Kai Musk, Saxon Musk and Damian Musk were born, also through IVF.

Super cool fatherhood

Shortly after the birth of the smallest member of his family, Elon was asked how he manages to find time for the baby, and the businessman gave an answer that was not to the taste of many: “Well, babies are just some machines for eating and defecating. Now I don’t really have anything to do with him. Grimes has a much bigger role than I do right now.”

Studies show that babies who have direct contact with fathers, not only with mothers, even from the first months of life, become much better socially adapted. So it wouldn’t hurt Musk to change some diapers or feed him, bathe him or play with little X Æ A-12 when he’s around.

Elon – who still has the twins Griffin and Xavier (16) and the triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian (14) at home – believes that he can get involved in the little one’s life when he is older: “I think I will with him what I did with the others. If I have a trip to China, with Tesla, for example, I take the kids with me and we go to see the Great Wall, then we take the high-speed train from Beijing to Xian and then we admire the Terracotta Army.”

In an interview given to the New York Times, Musk returned to even more beautiful feelings: “I think children are super cool and people need to have more children, because otherwise humanity will disappear.”

Exciting love life

The director of Tesla and SpaceX was born in South Africa, emigrated to Canada and only then arrived in California. After the divorce from Justine, the mogul started a relationship with Talulah Riley, with whom he got engaged after only six weeks of romance. Musk and Riley got married in 2010, and two years later, there were rumors of their separation. “It’s been an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You’re going to make someone very happy at some point,” Elon himself said on his Twitter account.

As was evident from Musk’s post, there were still strong feelings between the two ex-spouses, which is why they remarried in 2013. After only a year, the billionaire filed for divorce a second time, but – he later withdrew. He let her, in 2016, ask for a divorce in court. Something that Talulah did.

In May 2018, the businessman appeared on the red carpet at the Met Gala together with Grimes, a Canadian singer and songwriter. At the time, the two had been a low-key couple for several weeks, according to Page Six. The two lovers met on Twitter when they discussed a topic dear to them – artificial intelligence.

The last heir

In January 2020, Grimes posted a half-naked photo on Instagram with a fetus photoshopped onto her pregnant belly. She later confirmed that she and Elon were expecting a child. The little one was born on May 4 and received from his parents an unusual name – X Æ A-12, later transformed into X Æ A-XII.

However, what do such names mean? X is the unknown variable, AE is artificial intelligence written in Elvish, and A-12 is the forerunner of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (which still holds the speed record set in 1976). How does he call the little one around the house?!

photo – Twitter Elon Musk, Shutterstock