Health coach tips: Love and respect your body after giving birth


Most postpartum women feel insecure about their bodies and a pressure from the world around them to get back to their previous weight.

The icing on the cake, are the article titles and the posts of various influencers who return in dt time to the kilos they had before giving birth – maybe even less – showing how beautiful they are. Somehow, instead of enjoying the first carefree days with their baby home, new moms feel like they need to get back to their pre-pregnant body as soon as possible. But how will all this change?

Health Coach Ann Wenstrom, answers:

You won’t be the same and that’s okay

You brought one, two, three or four children into the world and that’s okay. You have some wonderful creatures around you and your body doesn’t stop you from taking care of them and loving them with all your heart. Yes, we certainly all have some standards in our minds, but you can’t focus on that and you can’t define your worth and how you feel based on that.

You may want to go back to your old weight and body type, but you have to admit one thing: you will never be the same.

Say no to societal pressure

Our society is focused on appearance. But really, is that the most important thing? The quality of the person does not come from appearance, a person with less weight and a shapely body does not care more, love more, connect more and interact more with those around him.

Celebrities, news, everything has to do with how people are on the outside. Some new moms, looking at their cell phones, come across a post by another new celebrity mom and think… “oh she had a baby two days ago and look she’s back in her bikini”. This mom doesn’t work at all, she works out, she has a cook who prepares her healthy and low calorie meals and of course she has time to work out 4-5 hours a day. And it’s not healthy. What mom wants that? After childbirth no woman should focus on her weight. She should focus on her baby.

It takes time for your body to recover. It doesn’t happen overnight. For some women it can happen quickly, but for most of us, three months later we still look like we’re pregnant – and that’s normal.

You must love and accept your body

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a better version of yourself, but this should happen without comparing yourself to others. It’s very good to want to improve your health, your daily life, but your body is still stressed and that’s because you don’t love and accept it. Stress stops digestion, shuts everything down, your body can’t burn fat and can’t do what it needs to do, efficiently.

Enjoy the moments

This period should not resemble a fight against yourself. Do things that you like and that make you feel good. Not because you have to, but because you want to. It’s all about love, acceptance and understanding.

Apply the above to your diet as well: eat well, eat what you like and don’t count calories.

The most important; Enjoy the moments with your baby. Enjoy the moments and don’t rush to get back to the body you had before pregnancy and childbirth. Be kind to your body, learn to love and accept it as it is now. Watch your diet, exercise as much as you can and as much as you want and it will happen naturally.

A tip from Remember that your body grew and nurtured a human being and went through a lot of changes, stress and criticism. It’s time to love and appreciate it.


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