How do the Dukes of Cambridge raise their children? The activities that the little ones prefer during the pandemic

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Like all parents around the world, Kate and Prince William have had to adapt to working from home, online schooling and having fun in conditions where going out and socializing with other children is not allowed anytime and in any way.

It was not easy for the little ones to change their routine – especially since, in November, they had to say “Goodbye!” from their dog Lupo – , but their parents always tried to focus on the positive things, to find all kinds of new ways to spend nice family time, rather than getting stuck in the negative things of this difficult time that we all cross.

If the weather is too cold for some serious play outside, Kate Middleton accompanies her children to their new dance studio at Anmer Hall, in a quiet rural area. “It’s a fun project,” says a source close to the British royal family. “There are little isoprene yoga mats and all kinds of games for kids in that studio, and everyone has a blast!”

On weekends, Kate (39) and William (38) carry out their charity work remotely, while nanny Maria Borrallo supervises the children when they do online school, homework or school projects. Prince George (7) absolutely loves science classes: “He’s learning about the solar system and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. Besides the king, obviously!”

Princess Charlotte (5) is also very clever – she and her brother George are learning Spanish with Maria, who is from Spain – and wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. “She is a creative little girl who likes art,” says the source from the royal entourage.

Little Prince Louis (2) was supposed to start kindergarten in September, but this has been postponed. “Kate and William are very disappointed by this as they feel it is very important that their youngest child spends time with other children his age.” Fortunately, the three children get along quite well and have common activities: “George likes to act like an older brother and reads for hours to brother Louis, for example”, declares the respective friend.

The kids threw a fun party for Kate, who turned 39 on January 9. “They love birthdays and parties. They made handmade cards for their mother and William helped them make a birthday cake together for the celebrant. On Kate’s birthday, Charlotte was the one who turned on the karaoke machine and sang, into the microphone, “Happy Birthday!” to her mother.

Although the famous royal couple goes through the same worries and insecurities as the rest of us, they are grateful for the fact that they have a successful marriage that allows them to overcome difficulties without leaving too many scars. “Recently, they spent more time together than usual and, yes, they still argue, but the disagreements between them do not last forever. Kate is definitely more stubborn than William, but she’s not unreasonable. Sometimes she also needs a little time for herself, and her husband understands this perfectly.”

Photo – Instagram Kensingtonroyal