How do you discipline a fussy child?

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A “fussy child” can also be very well defined by the phrase “unsatisfied child”. This form of dissatisfaction is unjustified and exaggerated on the part of the child. A child’s dissatisfaction is usually “constructed” with the help of important people in his life.

If the parents have strong feelings of guilt because they spend too little time with the little one, do not have patience with his education or at work things do not go as they would like, all these emotional states will be projected onto the child, who takes over their indisposition , irascibility and dissatisfaction.

Nothing makes him happy anymore. The state of dissatisfaction can also set in when we do not constantly maintain a positive, healthy attitude towards the child. He will be disappointed because he does not understand where and why so many mood swings of the parent.

To discipline a fussy child requires patience, tact and diplomacy. As a parent, it is good to know that you will have to behave consistently and consistently in your relationship with the little one. Make sure he understands the difference between “reasonable” and “unreasonable” wishes, between “possible” and “impossible” by speaking to him in an age-appropriate manner.