How do you help him choose his job?

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In today’s times, when the chances of finding a stable job are quite low, you fear that they might make an inappropriate choice regarding the job. How could you help him?

Watch what skills he has

Before you rush to enroll him in ballet, piano, foreign language, painting classes, carefully observe what exactly the child likes to do, what activity keeps him absorbed and gives him a lot of time.

Ask him what classes he would like to take, don’t force him. And if they don’t show any skills, don’t worry. Some discover their passions late, sometimes only during the student period.

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Guidance, not obligation

There are many cases of young people who, after attending the college chosen by their parents, because “they know what is best for the child”, enrolled in another, the one they actually wanted to attend .

The moral is clear: don’t force your child to follow a job he doesn’t like, don’t clip his wings, let him follow his dream. But you can help him discover himself or temper him if he is too dreamy.

Think that maybe he will practice his chosen profession for the rest of his life, he must like what he does. If you force him to choose a certain profession just to follow the family tradition or because you wanted it, he will be unhappy and it will also affect his health.

Practicing a job that you don’t like, that doesn’t bring you satisfaction can lead to depression and frustration. Watch your child carefully, notice what inclinations he has and help him develop them.

Holiday jobs, help

It’s nice to dream with your eyes open and to have bold dreams. If your teen is too dreamy, tactfully bring him down to earth.

Make an analysis together, see what jobs are in demand and, among them, choose one that suits the child’s temperament. A job during the holidays could be a good experiment.

They would teach him discipline, he could see how money is earned and help him choose a profession. Profession that will have to offer him the prospect of earning money from an activity that gives him pleasure.