How does the arrival of a child affect the couple’s relationship?


The arrival of a child can change the balance in a family.

In particular, the couple’s relationship goes through various fluctuations and the roles that were previously clear are redefined.

According to the clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and Doctor of the Medical School of Athens, Anna Kandaraki, the couple should not forget their desires and leave themselves or their relationship once a child arrives: “No parent should feel like they are making a sacrifice. Because sacrifice means obligation. I offer one thing and rejoice and sacrifice another.”

Man’s help to woman constitutes the usual point of contention in the couple as mom’s tiredness has an impact on their relationship as well.

“Parenthood is an eternal contract. You are not only a parent when you are changing diapers, but you are building a relationship that in the future will be a relationship between adults. So, in the relationship with the partner. It’s a daily effort and it doesn’t stop. You have to choose and be chosen by your partner every day”explained Anna Kandaraki.


The couple often seeks new balances after the arrival of a child.


Having a child by choice not by necessity

THE communication is the secret to a successful relationship. The couple must share their concerns and wants and know each other’s needs.

In addition, the psychologist mentioned that when the couple has problems, they should not try to have a second child in order to “save” the relationship, because a child should not be the result of a compromise solution.

“Women usually stay in the relationship out of desire and not out of necessity. The partner should be trying to be with you, not because they need a partner or the concept of family. If someone doesn’t want to have a child and is pressured to do so, then they shouldn’t because the child will feel they are not wanted.”he characteristically said.

Listen in detail to what the clinical psychologist Anna Kandaraki said on the show “Eleni” with Eleni Menegaki, in the following video: