Is the child afraid of the doctor? Here’s how you can help him!

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When you go to the doctor with your child, try to stay calm, don’t look scared, even if you don’t cope well with medical consultations either.

If you think the symptoms are worse, don’t tell her. Basically, you are not a specialist, so you have no reason to scare him before doing the necessary tests. If you know that you cannot and cannot control your panic, admit it to the child, tell him that it has nothing to do with his state of health.

Before any visit to the office, even for an investigation or for a vaccine, you must clearly explain to the child what will happen to him. Don’t lie to him by telling him he won’t get an injection if you know clearly that’s why you’re taking him there!

The second time you won’t be able to convince him to go to the doctor, even if he will only be consulted with a stethoscope. If the procedure to be applied to the child is more special, exemplify it with a stuffed animal, playing the doctor.

If you know that you are going for a routine checkup, tell the child that nothing unpleasant will happen to him. At the dentist, for example, you must tell him that he will feel small “tingles”. If you don’t know what to expect from your visit to the doctor, call the office and get yourself documented!

If the little one tells you that he was afraid of the doctor, try to get the reason out of him. If he starts telling you, he will feel better, and you will be able to avoid the object of his fear. If the stethoscope was too cold, ask the doctor to warm it in the palm of your hand.

If the doctor himself caused fear (because he had a mustache, glasses, etc.), explain to the little one that the mustache is not bau-bau. When you prepare to go with your child to the doctor, talk to him about the event well in advance of the actual visit. He will have time to come to terms with the idea, and you to answer all the questions that will arise.