Is the headache coming back? It could be a sign of pregnancy!

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The headache does not go away easily

Nausea, accompanied by vomiting, lack of menstruation are obvious signs of pregnancy. To these can be added headaches that return or that do not go away easily. If you already have a positive test, choose medicines with acetaminophen, such as simple paracetamol, to reduce the intensity of the pain without affecting the baby’s development. Consult your family doctor, then a gynecologist who will follow your pregnancy and give you advice throughout it, when you have health problems.

Back pain is normal

In addition to headaches, back pain can also occur. During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the ligaments become softer to allow the uterus to enlarge during pregnancy, so these pains are absolutely normal. If you find them difficult to bear, ask your doctor for advice!

Hormonal changes favor dilation of blood vessels, hypotension (lower blood pressure). Because of these causes, it is possible to feel dizzy and without energy.

It is true that women are more sensitive, but during pregnancy the sensitivity is exacerbated. If you happen to burst into tears out of nowhere or move quickly from one state to another, you may be pregnant.

Although you have been resting long enough, you still feel tired. Especially after lunch time, all you want is to take a nap and it starts to be more and more difficult for you to concentrate. This fatigue and sleepiness are other signals that you may be pregnant.