Mom and diet: How the body is affected by rapid weight loss


June is traditionally the month we prepare to go to the beaches.

This can be a “headache” for many people as they do not have the body they would like. So they rush to the quick solutions, to “magic diets» to lose the weight of the year within two months (or even less).

For the “coveted” way to lose weight quickly, the Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist, Dimitra Frangoulis, spoke to “All about our Life” and to Michalis Kefalogiannis, saying:

“Many times this is achieved but in unorthodox ways. It’s not like it’s done with the right process, losing 75% fat tissue and 25% lean body mass. And of course this also includes effects on our body, such as dehydration, reduction of muscle tissue, electrolyte imbalance or disturbances in our mood”.

Portrait Of Beautiful Happy Woman In Striped T-shirt Have Willpower Showing Slim Waist In Big Trouse

Woman is happy that she managed to lose the weight she wanted.


Weight loss and health effects

Mrs. Fragouli pointed out that many times we give priority to losing weight, at the expense of our body and the health of our organism.

“Personally, from my experience, I think people are on a very strict diet. Rapid weight loss can worsen an existing eating disorder, or create an underlying one. Everything should be evaluated individually. The first thing we lose is muscle tissue, so afterwards we don’t consume as many calories. “Satiety hormones go down and hunger hormones go up, and the feeling of hunger seems to be maintained,” he emphasized.

The body detoxifies naturally through the liver, intestine and kidneys. There is no scientific evidence to say that not eating will help with detoxification.

As for the widespread belief that protein helps one lose weight, Ms. Fragoulis said it helps in the short term and mainly creates a feeling of satiety while preserving muscle tissue to a degree.

See in detail what Mrs. Fragoulis and the model, Mariagapi Xipolia, said in the following video: