Motherhood makes you feel happy and headache at the same time


It’s that moment when little arms wrap around you and the tantrums leave.

It’s those new words that they learn and replace with the bad ones.

They’re those games that make you jump on the bed and make you want to slip out for a break.

It’s those minutes you count down until he goes to bed at night and those minutes you count until he wakes up to give him hugs and kisses.

It is together “You are my whole life” and “you are my headache”

Motherhood won’t save you… but it won’t destroy you either


source: instagram/mommys15minutes

You are everything to your child and you need help more than ever.

Motherhood makes you cry with joy and push aside any pain and doubt.

Motherhood gives you new friends and separates you from some others.

It’s the season of life. Bigger, stronger and brighter than ever.

Motherhood isn’t just about the good days. Or the difficult ones.

It’s all the moments we live, that we share and the lessons we learn.

I thought I knew what motherhood was…

I just “thought”…

But there are so many.

God, I am so tired and so grateful for all that is coming and will come

source: instagram/ mommys15minutes