Precocious puberty, cause for concern?


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How it manifests

In girls, breasts develop prematurely, armpit hair, pubic hair and menstruation may occur. In boys, the penis and testicles enlarge, they have pubic and armpit hair and facial hair. I can have spontaneous erections, sperm is produced. Their voices grow louder. Both girls and boys can have acne.

They can be emotionally unstable and aggressive due to hormonal changes. At first, they grow more than other children, but in adulthood they will be shorter because their development will stop faster. Usually, girls will not exceed 1.50 m in height, and boys – 1.55 m.

What to do

The child should be taken to the doctor to rule out some health problems. Sometimes, hormonal treatment can be recommended to stop the development and, if possible, to suppress the symptoms of precocious puberty.

Parents can help the child overcome the psychological effects of early puberty. He can be complex because he develops faster than his peers. They may marginalize or bully him because he is different. In this situation, the parent can help the young person gain self-confidence.

At the same time, he should explain to him what is happening to him in order to get through this period more easily. Usually, physical development is not accompanied by early intellectual and emotional maturation. He will be, inside, like any other child his age. Adults must not forget that they are dealing with a child, even if he starts to look like a teenager and treat him as such.