The first steps of the baby, a unique moment in the life of a parent (P)

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As a rule, the child takes its first steps between 10 and 18 months, but this interval is not fixed, because each baby has its own pace of development. Here’s what you need to do as a new parent so that the baby gains confidence in him and starts taking his first steps.

1. Train him in various activities so that he develops his muscles

Even if your puppy is at the stage where he is just sitting, it would not hurt to help him develop his muscles. You can play with him with the ball, or you can tempt him with various objects, so that your little one tries to stand up.

By the time he starts walking, your little one can practice walking. This stage can occur between 7 and 10 months and helps the baby synchronize its hands and feet. He will need these skills later!

You will notice that after the age of 7 months the baby becomes stronger and starts leaning on various objects in the house to stand up on its feet. Help him get up too, showing him how to bend his knees so he doesn’t fall down.

After the baby gathers courage and starts to take its first steps, it needs a lot of exercise and support from the parents. Hold his arm and support him when he walks so that he gets used to the correct position while walking.

The baby needs constant support and encouragement. As a parent, you must pay attention to his/her needs and do not forget to praise him after every good thing done.

6. Call the walker

Although there are voices that dispute the usefulness of this accessory, it is essential for any baby to practice walking, and the baby walker is ideal for achieving this goal.