Tips for moms: How often should you water the aloe?


Aloe is a perennial plant, hardy and can be easily planted in any pot.

The most well-known species is aloe vera. The gel contained in the leaves of the plant is used for burns, cuts as well as for cosmetics. It has a strong analgesic action and is considered effective against microbes.

Where to put the aloe

Aloe needs light and heat. If you have the aloe in a pot, try not to let it come into direct contact with the sun’s rays, especially during the hot midday hours. If it is indoors, prefer places where there is abundant light.
Pay attention to the leaves of the aloe…. If they change color to light yellow or red or if they show black spots, then the aloe has been exposed to strong light. Move it to another spot that remains bright.

How often should you water aloe?

The most common mistake most people make with aloe is the excessive watering. In spring and summer it needs watering once a week maybe every 10 days (the soil of the pot should be dry) while in autumn and winter, it is advisable to water it only once a month.

Signs of over watering: the leaves turn brown or have black spots. It will also rot the root. If you suspect that you have watered the aloe too much, do not water for several days and it may recover.


Aloe is particularly hardy and does not need a lot of water.

Does aloe need fertilizing?

Aloe care does not require a lot of fertilizers. A spoonful of organic fertilizer once in spring and summer is enough.

Types of aloe plants

There are more than 500 species of plants in the aloe family, but only a few, except aloe vera, can be used as indoor plants.

Why did the aloe turn brown?

You are probably over watering it but also check if it is infected with fungus.

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