Tips for moms: The incredible uses of the health roll in your everyday life


The toilet paper rolls they are ideal for children’s constructions. Children have the ability to make amazing things based on the health roll.


But, as you will find out along the way, this simple roll that you all have at home, can be useful in your everyday life.

Organize documents

If you want to store diplomas, marriage certificates and other important documents, wrap them and place them individually in a paper roll. Thus, you prevent creases and the documents remain clean.

Roll up the cloth food towels

Use the paper rolls to wrap the food towels after washing if you don’t want to fold them. To protect against stains, first cover the rolls with plastic wrap.

Store cables

To find the cables of the chargers the solution is to store them in a health roll. Write the type of charger on the outside of the roll and then fold the cable and place it on the roll.

Place them in the shoes

When you store the shoes don’t forget to put a roll inside them to keep their shape.

Flat Lay Composition With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls And Space For Text On Color Background.  Recyclable

Toilet paper rolls have many uses.


Save the threads

To keep the threads from getting tangled, cut a notch at each end of the roll and after securing the thread at one end, wrap it around the roll and secure it at the other end.

Organize your makeup tools

Take a small box and place several health rolls. In each of them put your makeup brushes, files, eyebrow tweezers, lip pencils, etc. In this way, the makeup tools will always be tidy.

Kindling in the fireplace or grill

Cut the rolls into strips and use them as kindling in the fireplace or on the grill.

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