Tips for moms: The mistake you make when washing clothes by hand


There are some clothes that are not machine washable and need to be hand washed.

In this case the first thing you look at is its label to see its composition.

In general, the delicate fabrics need lukewarm waterwell dissolved detergent and no spin.

Hand washing: the most common mistake

One of the most common mistakes most people make when washing by hand is that they wring the clothes as best they can they can in order to get the water out. However, spinning destroys the fibers of the clothes and also creates many creases that are difficult to remove even with an iron.

What you can do is lightly wring the garment (even put it in a colander) and then place it on a large absorbent towel before laying it out to dry.


Woman holds folded jeans in her hands.


Another common mistake is that scrub the stains without checking the type of fabric. But this habit can ruin the garment. The best way is to spread the appropriate material on the stain, let it soak and then if you rub it gently before washing it off with water.


To clean the clothes you wash by hand, you should soak them for 10-15 minutes in the basin.

The warm water should cover the garment and the detergent should be dissolved especially if you are using powder. If the water still comes out dark or cloudy, empty the basin and refill it.

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