Tips for moms: What you can clean in the living room with coffee filters


Coffee filters, as we have written to you in the past, have many uses in our daily lives.

Like for example weighing ingredients in recipes, cleaning grease from taxi or mirrors and windows or to protect your dishes when you store them on top of each other.

TV in the living room

So today we will present you another use of the coffee filter, this time for your living room.

So with the coffee filter you can remove it dust from the TV that you have in the living room.

Since coffee filters do not leave lint or scratches, they are ideal for keeping the screen clean.

Just turn off the TV and then use the coffee filter to remove every trace of dust.

Cleaning your TV screen with a coffee filter also helps reduce static electricity, meaning it will collect less dust in the future.

Mobile phone

With the same filter or a different one, also clean your mobile screen and your laptop.

For better cleaning, you can slightly wet the filter before passing both the TV and mobile screen.

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