What can happen if you kiss your baby on the mouth, according to experts


For many parents, kissing the child on the mouth is a gesture of affection, but experts say that this habit can have negative effects on his health. Here’s why!


It may seem like an innocent gesture, but kissing your baby on the lips can be harmful to your little one’s health. It is good to avoid doing this, especially if the baby’s teeth have not yet developed. According to Yahoo Style, the transfer of saliva causes the spread of bacteria that can affect her gums and more.

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“Transferring saliva from parent to child is a risk because bacteria (such as streptococcus mutans) can be spread from adult to child. This bacteria can cause cavities, affect soft tissues and gums,’ says Dr. Richard Marques, a renowned stomatologist in London, England, who points out that children’s milk teeth are not as strong as adult teeth, which makes them already be vulnerable to bacteria.

Kissing on the lips can cause allergies

Also, kissing the child on the lips can also cause allergic reactions, according to “Pedseast”. Specifically, when you kiss someone, you unknowingly transfer particles of food or cosmetics to your lips. Thus, your child may not tolerate certain foods or artificial ingredients in the products you use, which could cause allergies.

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Do you have a cold? Avoid doing this gesture!

Avoid kissing your baby on the lips, especially if you have a cold! By doing this, you are transferring viruses to him that can cause him such a medical problem, especially since his immune system is not yet fully developed. Babies’ lungs are small and any infection can cause breathing problems, informs “Blanchard Valley Health System”.

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