What changes occur in the couple after the first child appears?

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There is no book or list of instructions to help you integrate more easily into family life. Although the birth of the first child is a great reason for celebration, married life can face certain obstacles.

The first aspect that must be overcome is postnatal depression, which can affect both the mother and the father.

The mother’s bodily changes

Immediately after holding their newborn, a large part of women already face the first worry, namely the panic of not knowing what is happening with the little one, thus they can develop an obsession for the baby, an attitude not at all understood by husbands in most of the cases. But it is due to the maternal instinct which in some cases can be very developed.

The second aspect that must be overcome is the physical appearance of the mother, who, although she brought a new life into the world, can be demoralized at the first contact with the mirror. Mothers can feel ugly, a feeling very little understood by men, and extremely sensitive for women.

The battle intensifies especially when the new mother can no longer use her wardrobe, the body undergoing constant changes, especially during breastfeeding. It is a moment filled with the joy of the birth of the baby, but at the same time frustrating and full of many fears.

So right now is the best time to offer moral support to each other, and time to gradually adapt to the new life as a threesome.

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Fear again

Both the new mother and the father have to take an exam without knowing the subject, and the gestures and reactions of the little one can give them a feeling of panic. It gradually disappears as everyone adapts to the new status.

Although this feeling is quite overwhelming, the center of attention being on the little one, the couple’s life is exposed to vulnerabilities, especially since the father can feel somewhat left out.

The vast majority of women enter a defensive state, especially when third parties approach the little one. It is not an easy situation to control and right now it needs your support the most.

Increased need for rest

After the birth, the mother needs to regain her strength, to rest properly to be able to take care of the little one. So he needs the help of his partner.

Although they feel tired, new mothers want to do as many things as possible and thus postpone their rest time more and more, an aspect that should be somewhat coordinated by the partner, dividing the attributions so that neither one faces overwork.

Mutual support is more than mandatory during this period.

The feelings towards the partner do not change

Even if the little one is now in the center of attention, this does not mean that his wife’s feelings have changed. On the contrary, now women discover a new release in their partner, namely that of a father.

The baby brings big and beautiful changes in the couple’s life, as long as you choose to support each other and help each other.

In addition, the little one is a combination of your physical and mental qualities. Every time it’s just one of you with the baby, it’s actually all 3 of you together, with the little one being your permanent bond.