What signals does your body send during pregnancy?

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Fears overwhelm you when you are expecting a child. Dozens of questions related to the evolution of the pregnancy overshadow the most beautiful moments of the day and keep you awake at night. Do not exaggerate with dark thoughts, but be careful and follow the signals your body sends you! In this way, you can take the necessary measures in case of serious problems. And don’t forget: pregnancy is not a disease, but a normal stage in every woman’s life!

Abdominal pains

Pains felt in the abdomen, especially on the sides, can be a sign of irregularities, from ovarian cysts to bouts of appendicitis. Pelvic pains – in the lower part of the belly and on one side – are also common in cases of ectopic pregnancy. Specialist control is required!


If you have severe headaches on a regular basis, you may have high blood pressure. Go to the doctor, because hypertension is dangerous both for you and for the baby.

Urinary infections

In pregnant women, cases of urinary infection are quite difficult to detect without tests, because the baby constantly presses on the urinary bladder – hence the imperative need of the expectant mother to go to the toilet. If you notice an abnormal urine color or if you feel burning, do not hesitate to do a set of tests. Any infection increases the risk of premature birth and requires treatment.

Feverish conditions

When you have a fever that lasts more than 24 hours and when the thermometer shows more than 38.3 °C, make an appointment with the doctor! It may be a simple flu, but the cause may just as well be listeriosis – an infectious condition that requires urgent treatment.

Abnormal vaginal discharge

The so-called “white discharge” can become more frequent under the influence of hormones. Go to the doctor immediately if they are associated with itching or if they become yellowish and smelly: it could, in this case, be a vaginal infection which, if left untreated, can become dangerous for the baby at birth.

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