Why are some children shy? How do you encourage the little one to adapt in society

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Although some children love to socialize and play with all their friends, others are extremely shy when someone approaches them. Many children find it difficult to make friends and do not easily fit in with schoolmates. Do you remember that whiny classmate from school who couldn’t wait to go home? It is said that 1 in 10 children experience this type of behavior.

From a psychological point of view, children’s shyness is perceived in the same way as an adult’s social anxiety. It is said that the problems we have in our youth shape our behavior in adulthood. The child who does not make friends will be that adult who will be alone in the house on Saturday evening. A family can have two children, each with different behavior. One is full of life and loves to meet new people, another cannot make friends at all. Parents must pay attention to this aspect, because the second one can suffer. If the little one fails to integrate socially, later he will become anxious.

Why are some children shy?

Your child may respond differently to what is happening around him. Psychologists say that these patterns are formed as early as four months. Following a study, it was shown that babies who react more strongly to stimuli around them, from the first days of life, (bright light, noises, etc.) they have a greater chance of becoming shy. If you thought shyness could be genetic, find out biological factors it does not always contribute to the formation of the child’s personality. Although you may be a shy person, it is not 100% valid that your little one will be the same.
Temperament the child and environment where they are can instead be factors that influence your little one’s personality. Each child has a unique personality and you must pay attention to the environmental factors around him. For example, if he has compatible friends or if he has been subjected to a humiliating experience. Psychologists say that home atmosphere is an essential factor – if the child lives in an environment where arguments are frequent or if he is always criticized, there are chances that the little one will become anti-social. He will think that no one cares about him, so he has no reason to socialize.

What do you do if you have a shy child

In the case of a shy and reserved child, a lot of patience and attention from the parents will probably be needed. These children usually burst into tears at the first reprimand. Psychologists warn that parents must learn to use gentle and correct forms of discipline, so that the little ones don’t always feel guilty for what they do. They need to be told calmly when they do something wrong, not necessarily reprimanded. Don’t forget that every child is unique and important to you adapt the education style to emotional needs of your child, especially if he experiences social anxiety. Don’t force him to socialize. Talk to him about the reasons why he refuses to do this, maybe his play partners have a different temperament than his. You have to make sure that your little one will manage to adapt in society and will manage to make friends with whom he will be on the same wavelength.

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