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Are you an authoritarian parent?

Are you an authoritarian parent?
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The authoritarian education style is specific to parents who have very high expectations from their teenager, both within the family, but especially at school. But when it comes to the child’s needs, they are not very attentive to them, they are guided by the principle “because I said so”.

According to the American psychologist Diana Baumrind, who identified 3 parenting styles (authoritarian, permissive and competent), authoritarian parents believe that they have control and power, and children must do everything they say.

Children can become inhibited, lacking confidence in their own strength. There is also the possibility of the child rebelling, who may even run away from home.


An authoritative parent should explain to the child why he imposes certain rules on him, so that the little one does not become frustrated.

Low grades at school, a consequence

Authoritarian parents from the child to take only high grades and threaten them with punishments, if they come with a low grade in the notebook. Such behavior can have completely different results, because because of the pressure that is put on them, the children will not be able to concentrate. They will not learn effectively and therefore the learning results may be poor.

Children may begin to lie

According to psychologist Lena Rusti, authoritarian education involves hierarchical relationships between parents and children. In an authoritarian relationship, the child can only express his personality by entering into a power struggle with the parent. Lacking the understanding of equal relationships, the authoritarian child can be evasive and insecure, or in constant struggle with the world. Any of the options brings suffering and self-doubt”, explains the psychologist.

According to research conducted at McGill University in Canada, children whose parents are very strict tend to hide the truth. To avoid possible punishment, they may resort to lies. Such a child can turn into an adolescent/adult with lying tendencies.


Children with authoritarian parents can turn into anxious adults with low self-esteem.

How you can improve your relationship with your teenager

– establish a set of rules to follow, but not before you explain why;

– try to communicate more with the child and show affection;

– do not shout at him, but adopt a calm tone, even if the little one made a mistake;

Did you know that…

…children who grow up in families with authoritarian parents, who do not communicate with them enough, have an increased risk of obesity? It is shown by a research from McGill University, Canada, in which more than 37 thousand children between the ages of 0 and 11 took part, those who had rigid parents were 37% more prone to obesity.

Expert advice

Lena Rusti, psychologist

The authoritarian parent speaks proudly of how obedient the child is, or rather, how independent he is. It highlights the importance of rules and discipline in education. He feels irritated and acts as such if the child has manifestations of freedom not approved by him. He is ironic with the child and displays a superior behavior towards him or is not embarrassed to expose him publicly, which creates a feeling of embarrassment and rejection for the child.


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