Activities for children in the cold season

Activities for children in the cold season

Education can be relaxing and fun for both the child and the parent. Thus, for good general development, parents must provide their children with multiple ways to play.

Through games and educational activities,

they will be able to develop logical thinking and will adapt more easily to the environment.

Some activities can improve your foot’s dexterity. Thus, you can draw on paper or even on your face together with the child or make various figurines.

Paint with your palms, fingers or even soles. The little one can smear his whole body with paint and then leave the marks on the paper.

Most children begin to show interest in numbers and letters at the age of 3. Thus, there are activities that can help the little one learn numbers more easily.

Collect things around the house, such as pencils, pens, paper clips – group them and count them together with the child.

Home-made food is the healthiest, but when prepared with the help of children, it is an ideal way to entertain the little ones and will capture their attention.

So, everyone, get into the kitchen and have fun making the most ingenious cakes.

Fighting with pillows, or forts raised from pillows, are among the favorite games of children. Simply positioning them between the playground and the rest of the room will give the little one the impression that he has his own place, separate from the rest of the family.

Read stories to him at night before bed, then talk about what he understood. You can also read together, one paragraph at a time, so as not to tire the little one.