She gave up working for children and became a millionaire. An invention changed a mother’s life


They say there is no more creative job than motherhood. She must be a cook, a teacher, a psychologist, a nurse. This mother proved it by finding a solution to a problem of one of her children who couldn’t sleep.


A 55-year-old British woman who worked as an engineer quit her job to spend more time with her children. A problem she had with a little girl led her to invent a product. It turned out to be a way to earn a lot of money without neglecting his family.

Her daughter could not sleep at noon

Audrey Buck had worked as an engineer and ran a training company, but left her job to start a family. She had three children and never thought that her maternal dedication could make her rich.

It all started with a family problem: “My middle daughter was born in 2001, when I was 34 years old. As a child, she had problems sleeping during the day, and a friend suggested I use a good blind,” explained the mother. In an interview with the publication “The Mirror”, he revealed that he used black garbage bags to cover the windows. That’s how he managed to completely block the entrance of light, and that gave him an idea.

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He decided to incorporate dark colored plastic into the fabric of the curtains. In this way he created blinds that made the room completely dark even in broad daylight.

As her friends began to order blinds for children’s bedrooms, Audrey thought about expanding production. “I was wondering if this idea could become a business. We started with some ads in parenting magazines, then we set up a website, and then the business took off,” she explained.

It reached a million dollars a year

What started as a small living room business became a profitable job. Moreover, it even brought him a million dollars a year. He invested in a printer and fabrics without neglecting his family. He worked when the children were at school.

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“In the beginning, all sales were by mail order. I was determined to stay a housewife. Then, in 2008, I launched myself on Amazon and that allowed me to reach the US,” revealed the mother. Her product caught on in other regions, and Audry contacted other mothers to whom she gave work. “When I remember how the business started, sometimes I want to pinch myself because I can’t believe it. We’re a small team and I’m proud of the way we’ve come,” she added.