How to cure whooping cough in children?

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It is a disease characteristic of childhood, spread through coughing and sneezing, and being very infectious in the early stages. It begins with the symptoms of a common cold, followed 2 weeks later by violent and uncontrollable bouts of coughing that often end in vomiting.

The child cannot breathe during these spasms, therefore it is possible to feel as if he is suffocating, and the noise characteristic of whooping cough is extremely unpleasant.

In young children, oxygen deprivation can become a major danger.

, also permanently damage the lungs. However, traditional remedies can speed healing.

If a child has been exposed to whooping cough and has not been immunized, the doctor must be consulted and the symptoms identified because the condition can only be treated in the early stages before the coughing fits begin. The treatment is based on antibiotics.

Frankincense and lavender are calming and help to slow down and amplify breathing. Sandalwood, too, is calming and soothing. Burn these oils in the child’s room or you can use them to massage the chest and back.

The tea soothes the child, reducing coughing spasms. At the same time, massage the little one’s chest with basil, hyssop, and cypress oils (2 drops of each to a teaspoon of almond oil).

It is impossible to feed a child who has whooping cough normally. That’s why it’s best to give him as many liquids as possible, especially if the little one is vomiting – mixtures of apple juice, honey and warm water, pineapple and blackcurrant juice with warm water, vegetable juices warm and prepared with the mixer. You can also give the child warm ginger tea with honey, combined or simple soups, such as vegetable or chicken breast soup – they will provide the necessary nutrients.

Try to avoid large amounts of milk in the first few days. As the child feels better, offer small, light portions of scrambled eggs, diced meat and rice, fruit purees with honey, cloves and cinnamon.

Whooping cough is a serious infection and although most children recover, complications can occur and medical care is essential, especially for those under the age of three.