Tips for moms: The mistakes you make in washing clothes and you don’t know them


Every time you load a washing machine you obviously follow the same procedure: whites together, darks separately as well as light.

So far so good, but there are some mistakes that you are likely to make when loading washing machine affecting the final result.

Let’s look at the most common of them:

You’re not making the right distinction

According to Martha Stewart Living, the better you separate your clothes, the cleaner they will be. For example, separate heavily soiled laundry from lightly soiled laundry. Also, it’s a good idea to wash the jeans all together after turning them inside out and with cold water.

A Young Girl Puts Things In The Washing Machine, A Woman Sits On The Floor Of A Cozy House And Looks

Young woman puts washing machine


Dry the clothes in the dryer

The dryer can be particularly practical in the winter, but clothes, especially colored ones, wear out from the high temperatures. When the weather allows it, spread the clothes out to dry on the terrace. In this way you save energy and at the same time your clothes are kept in good condition.

Mix the socks with the clothes

Try putting the socks in the washing machine first and then adding all the other clothes. That way you won’t lose them…

Lost Sock

Woman holding a sock


You don’t close the zippers

Open zippers can cause problems for delicate clothing so make sure to close them. The same applies to bras, although it is good to wash them by hand and not in the washing machine. Otherwise place them in an old pillowcase when washing.

You don’t clean the washing machine often

Don’t wait until the washing machine tub starts to smell to clean it. At regular intervals put an empty washing machine with bleach to disinfect it, clean the filters as well as the tires where moisture and mold accumulate.

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