How much do children’s braces cost?

How much do children's braces cost?

With the end of the vacation, the start of school is also a favorable time for an orthodontic check-up for children from the 1st grade up to adolescents aged 14-18 years, because the dental and bone problems discovered in these age categories can be solved much more easily and in -a much shorter time.

Especially during this period, at the beginning of school and autumn, many parents decide to put braces on their children, but most of them do not know which type of brace best suits the physiognomy of the face and the diagnosis received from the dentist.

For teenagers who already have permanent teeth, the latest dental appliances can be metal, ceramic, or sapphire, extremely aesthetic and hardly visible, which they can customize monthly, with their favorite colors. In 2023  on average, the cost of braces ranges from $4,000 to $8,000.

It is very important that this correction of the teeth takes place during the growth period, ideally until the age of 18 because the result is obtained much faster, and its stability over time is much better. The modern fixed dental appliances, practiced by our clinic, especially those for children with mixed dentition, who are in the development period, are very easy to tolerate, and the little ones get used to them in a few days at most”, explains orthodontist Georgiana Border.

3 questions that little ones ask themselves when they go to the orthodontist

The costs of orthodontic treatment for children with mixed dentition vary between 1200-1900 lei, for the entire treatment. The costs of a fixed appliance for teenagers and adults, meaning people with permanent dentition, start from 2900 lei/arch for metal appliances and reach up to 3900 lei/arch for Sapphire ones. For invisible braces, the prices vary between 5,800 lei/arcade and 7,700 lei/arcade depending on the complexity of the case and the number of braces required for the respective treatment.