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it is also good for the baby to exercise

it is also good for the baby to exercise
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Have you become pregnant and intend to limit physical effort? You should know that during the 9 months of pregnancy, it is recommended to exercise as much as possible. Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial not only for you.

Pregnancy is not a disease. During the 3 trimesters, you should not eat as much as for 2, not even in the last trimester, when the fetus weighs a few kilograms. When it comes to sports during pregnancy, scientists who have studied how movement influences the body of a pregnant woman and the fetus have many pro arguments.

If you want to avoid the complications of weight gain, it is better to exercise during pregnancy. It is not about demanding physical effort. Long walks and special exercises can bring health benefits and reduce discomfort during childbirth.

In addition, if a woman gains a lot of weight while she is pregnant, she exposes herself to the risk of preeclampsia, increased blood pressure, but also obesity, from which she may suffer after birth.

I left it at the end, although it really represents a health problem that must be mentioned: the excess pounds accumulated during pregnancy can influence the risk of obesity for the future child.

If you keep your weight under control, through regular physical activity, back pain will be reduced, the energy level in the body will increase and problems with insomnia will disappear.

Sports during pregnancy – not too much, not too little

Many pregnant women exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but the rest of the day they lead a sedentary life. Statistics show that pregnant women spend about 75% of their time in a sedentary way. Scientists have studied this topic and noticed that pregnant women who continue to work during pregnancy and are waitresses, dentists, practicing an activity that requires movement have many chances to keep the pounds under control.

Women who work in an office, for example, or who spend most of the day sitting in a chair, must take breaks of 5 minutes every hour, take short walks, go up and down stairs.

Do squats, lunges and exercises with weights

The legs and thighs bear most of the weight of the abdomen, so don’t forget to tone them and increase their resistance. You can do squats, lunges, and back exercises with weights of up to 1 kg. Avoid cardio exercises and demanding physical effort and do not exceed the duration of 30 minutes per movement session.

Breathing exercises

In the first trimester, but especially in the last, breathing exercises are very important. They can alleviate your nausea, headaches, nervousness, and during birth, correct breathing will reduce the discomfort caused by birth.

In all 3 seasons, try to walk more, walk and meditate or simply take breaks to relax, without thinking about anything. Avoid depressing thoughts and leave room in your mind for good thoughts, feelings of gratitude and joy.

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