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Mom and Nutrition: Seven Vegetables Rich in Protein

Mom and Nutrition: Seven Vegetables Rich in Protein

Protein is an essential component for the proper functioning of the body. You probably know that protein-rich legumes, dairy, poultry and seafood are good sources of protein03C2

However, many vegetables are also rich in protein, which combined with the other nutrients they contain make them super foods worth including in your diet.

Below are the vegetables with the highest protein content.


1 cup = 8 g protein

It is also a good source of fiber and apart from the classic recipe for peas with potatoes in the pot, you can add peas to rice, salad, etc.



Raw spinach in the bowl.

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1 cup = 6 g protein

Spinach is rich in vitamins A, C and K, which strengthen the immune system and protect vision. It is also an excellent source of iron and other minerals.


1 cup = 4.8 g protein

You can eat them raw in a salad or baked with lemon and olive oil. Artichokes are high in fiber and other ingredients.

Sweet corn

1 cup = 4.7 g protein

Sweet corn is a very nutritious food with many benefits for the body. It is also a source of plant fiber which prolongs the feeling of satiety.



Woman peels avocado on cutting board.


1 cup = 4.6 g protein

Avocado consumption has been associated with weight loss, immune enhancement, etc. It is rich in good fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber and you can eat it plain, with bread or in salads.


1 cup = 4.3 g protein

Asparagus has few calories and is a very good source of vitamin A and folic acid.


1 cup = 4 g protein

Mushrooms also contain B vitamins. You can use them to make soup, as a side dish to meat or even sandwiches and pizza.

With information from eatingwell.com


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