Parent of twins? Learn some tricks about growing them!

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It is known that the possibility of having a twin pregnancy increases if there is a history of this in the family. Twin pregnancies occur in many cases when taking drugs to stimulate ovulation, at older ages, but also when there is a previous multiple pregnancy. If in the case of a child, worries for the little one, fatigue and the feeling of being overwhelmed frequently appear in the first months of life, when we are talking about twins… all the experiences are doubled.

Set a schedule

To be able to cope with the new “service”, that of a mother of twins, you need a daily schedule. Even if it is more difficult to “implement” at the beginning, a schedule of rest, meals and play helps parents enjoy the little free time they have left.

“It is quite difficult to raise a child, but when you are a parent of twins, things get even more complicated. The worries, the requests, but also the satisfactions are multiplied by 10. The key to success in this situation is to establish a daily schedule that you can respect as much as possible”, says Jennifer Walker, pediatric assistant and author of the volume, “Moms on Care – Guide care for the child”.


Even if at first it may seem impossible, simultaneous breastfeeding of twins is a process that can be learned and perfected over time. You just have to find a comfortable position and relax.

“Patience and patience are essential when it comes to simultaneous breastfeeding of twins. Don’t be discouraged! You can try to breastfeed them simultaneously only when they both have the same meal schedule, once every two to three hours,” added Jennifer Walker.

In the first months of life…just a crib

Do you buy two cots or can the little ones sleep together? – is one of the many questions of parents of twins. Specialists claim that it is beneficial for the little ones to sleep together in the first months of life. Explication? They are used to being together from the womb, and this gives them a sense of security. They have each other.

In most cases, twins find solace in each other. “Besides the fact that it is beneficial for them to sleep together in the first months of life, a single crib also represents a saving of money. A second crib is needed when they start rolling and can bump into each other,” explains Jennifer Walker.

Do not forget! Same but different

“Encourage the differences between them, but don’t compare them” – is one of the main tips for parents of twins, says Randye Huron, mother of twins and pediatrician at Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital in New Jersey , USA.

“Each child has his strengths and weaknesses, and twins are no exception to this rule. It is essential for their development to be encouraged, to encourage the differences between them and not to make distinctions or comparisons”, explains doctor Randye Huron.