What not to say to a mother who stays with the children

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If fathers are more protected from advice and closing questions, mothers are “attacked” in full by all kinds of benevolent people. Best of all, learn what not to say to a mother who takes care of children.

A mother who chooses to stay with her little one for a longer period of time, and postpones returning to work, is often attacked by prejudices. Are you wondering what not to say to a mother who takes care of children without breaks?

Regardless of whether you are a mother or a father, do you remember with nostalgia, but also with fun, your life with one or more babies? Do you remember the first questions, the advice you didn’t ask for or the accusations that made you sad? Most likely, yes. If you don’t have children, learn what not to say to a mother or friends with children. It is very important!

The people at huffingtonpost.com have found exactly what not to say when you are in this situation. Without wanting to, you can hurt, and the consequences can be undesirable. Many friendships have fallen apart because of inappropriate words.

Top 5 statements – “I know exactly what you mean, I have a puppy at home too”

No, we’re sorry, but you can’t compare a baby to a puppy, ever!

“I am so tired!”

Sure. You are very tired. How many times did the child wake up during the night to eat, to be changed, because of toothache or who knows for what other reason? Did your pet start barking at 1 am hungry? The older child, 3 years old, woke up immediately after you put the little one to sleep, because he is afraid of a monster in the house? Didn’t this happen? Then you are not tired enough. Enjoy your sleep of at least 7-8 hours a night!

“I’m so busy, I just don’t have any free time”

It is very possible that you have filled your time with a lot of activities. Wait, however, to have a child. You will ask yourself, if you will be in this situation, what you would do with all the free time after work and until bedtime.

“I have no more money. I went to three weddings in the last few months!”

When you have children, most of your finances will go to the pharmacy, doctors, kindergartens, schools, extracurricular activities, supplies, clothes, food. Too few hard earned resources will really come back to you. First you will pay off the obligations, you will spend with love on many activities and food that improve the lives of the children, and only then will you think about buying your gorgeous dress, which is, anyway, at a discount.

What not to say to a mother – the statement that occupies the first place

“When I have children, I will never let them…: eat sweets, watch TV. I will soothe his wounds, I will never tell him: get up, you fell, it will be fine, stop crying. I will perfectly understand his suffering and I will always be there, by his side”.

In ignorance of the cause, many consider that parents are often negative examples for children. But, once you become a parent, it is very possible to see exactly how things are and to understand why these lines are so wrong.

Those from the British publication thought this article as a sign of revenge for all the embarrassing moments that most parents have gone through and are going through when it comes to acquaintances and relatives.

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