5 tricks to help your child tell more about their day

5 tricks to help your child tell more about their day

It doesn’t matter whether the child is 4, 8, or 13. With our 5 tips, you will get more information out of your child in the future.

5 tips on how to get your child to talk

#1 Start early

Talk to your child a lot right from the start and start the dialogue with them as soon as they can answer – even if it’s just single words. Establishing a routine from preschool in that you talk to each other about your day once a day (before bed or whenever it suits your routine) will become a natural communication pattern for your child.

#2 Be patient

Your child may refuse to answer direct questions. Then don’t build up pressure, but take it out by simply spending time with your child, playing with him, reading books, and talking about yourself. This way you give your sweetheart room to open up in a self-determined manner.

#3 Be silly

Children can often be “captured” simply by making them laugh with a surprising and silly question, e.g. E.g.: “What did the elephants eat for lunch in the daycare center today?”. Or you come up with a funny thesis and give your child the chance to correct you. Example: “I heard you learned in math today how many snowmen fit in a sauna.”

#4 Be cunning

Another way to get your child to tell more about themselves and their life is the mirror method. Especially with older children approaching or in their teens, it often works if you ask your child for advice that reflects your child’s situation.

#5 Telling counts

Listen carefully to your child whenever possible (yes, we know this isn’t always possible, but it’s good to keep reminding yourself that your child deserves your undivided attention). This is especially important if your child tends to be the silent type. These children in particular only tell things that are particularly important to them, and that should also be particularly important to your parents (even if it may not seem so to you at first).

This is how the psychologist Owen gets his own child to talk

And finally, we let the expert Dr. Shane Owens from the fatherly article: “You can undermine your children’s resistance by asking your questions in a particularly funny way or by asking them the wrong way,” says the psychologist. “My wife and I often ask our daughter things like, ‘Did you eat three bagels for lunch today?’ to get our daughter – who is a picky eater and sparing on details – to tell us what she actually ate. She loves to scold us for saying something wrong or silly.”

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