Things that babies simply drive their parents crazy with


Babies may be adorable, but new parents struggle to keep their cool in the face of situations that simply drive them crazy. That’s why, if you’re going to become a parent, we present you some situations that you need to know, so that you don’t have any surprises.


Are you about to become a parent? Well, this means that you are preparing for the most beautiful time of your life, but which can be quite stressful at the same time. In order to easily manage anxious situations, we tell you what to expect in the coming period.

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The scream of the newborn

After birth, babies can’t cry until they’re at least two weeks old, Fatherly reports. Interestingly, some of them can form this ability even after two months.

Maybe I surprised you, because we all know that baby “cry” from the first moments of life, but according to the same source, when babies are born, they actually scream and not cry.

The absence of tears could mean the blockage of the tear ducts, which can also come with other symptoms, such as: leakage, which can be treated with drops or ointments recommended by the doctor. In cases where the baby has a fever, crying without tears could be a sign of severe dehydration, so it is important to make sure the baby is getting enough fluids.

Girls can have periods and boys can have erections

In the first week of life, baby girls may experience bleeding, which is called “false menstruation”. This can happen because the rise in maternal hormones during sacrin can occasionally stimulate the baby’s uterus for a short time.

Equally strange is that male babies can get erections during the night. Do not worry! This may be a sign that your little boy’s nervous system is functioning normally.

I laugh 300 times a day

If an adult laughs, on average, only 20 times a day, well, infants do it 300 times a day, according to psychologist Robert Provine. Research says that boys tend to laugh a little more than girls, so if you’re going to be a parent of a boy, you need to prepare yourself for these funny episodes!

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Scientists suspect that baby laughter may be a tool to test how infants respond to stimuli and better detect developmental disorders such as autism.

Bonus: Did you know… babies have almost 100 extra bones?

Surprisingly, babies have about 300 bones, while adults only 206, and this, of course, has an explanation. Babies have this extra bone to be more flexible, both in the womb and at birth. As babies grow, these bones will fuse, so the total number will decrease.

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