A dog breeder’s tip for managing child tantrums


At a party, a mother-to-be received some incredible advice from a dog-breeding neighbor who was there with a terrier puppy. In casual conversation, he spoke to her about how to deal with difficult situations with animals that could apply to educating young children.


Over the years, the woman applied the advice she received from her dog-breeding neighbor in managing her little girl’s tantrums. He noticed with amazement that the trick actually worked.

“If you want a dog to be calm, start with yourself!”

During a party, a dog breeder came with her dog, a terrier only four months old. The woman took care of a shelter for dogs and trained them so that they would adapt more easily to the adopters’ homes. At the party, a squirrel passed by, attracting the dog’s attention, which started barking.

Mistress knelt down and began to soothe him with gentle words. The dog relaxed, wagged its tail, made two circles and sat down. Then, his companion gave a piece of advice that was retained by a future mother present at the party: “You can’t yell at a barking dog. The louder you yell, the louder he will bark. If you want a dog to be calm, it starts with you!’

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A dog training tip, also good for children’s tantrums

Years later, the mom-to-be applied the theory she learned the day of the party with my child during a tantrum. To her surprise, she actually got good results.

One day, she lost her patience with her 2-year-old child at a grocery store. The little girl insisted on walking and was taken out of the stroller. Within seconds, he dashed to the end of the aisle and ran into a pyramid of rice packets. She took the three closest to her, right from the bottom. The three bags were important to the whole structure. A lot of packages fell on the little girl. Mum he got angry and the girl started screaming.

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Then the mother realized that she could not expect the little girl to be calm when she herself was shouting at her. So he picked her up and hugged her. He apologized and promised not to yell at her again. He felt how the little girl calmed down and seemed to melt against her chest. They stayed like that for a while, then they laughed at what was around them. After that, the little girl even offered to help her put the packages back.

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