Pacifier fashion show – what we choose and how, which pacifier and with which pacifier chain


Whoever invented the pacifier, did well! There are many stories about the invention of this accessory much loved by babies.


By the 1900s in England, babies were sucking from glass or earthenware bottles. There are all kinds of variants of the ancient pacifier. But now, in modern times we can talk about a better made and thought accessory. Made of silicone or latex, they are intended to provide comfort to babies, giving them an experience as close as possible to the comfort of being at the mother’s breast.

Studying over the years what exactly a baby needs, modern manufacturers have found solutions so that today’s pacifier is really a pleasure for the little ones. You will more easily find the pacifier with a protective cover and various pacifiers, colored in the same way, matched with accessories such as a pacifier chain.

Which pacifiers we choose and why

For those interested in the premium quality of accessories of this kind, Little Prints is the online store where they can buy such products. Bibs and Frigg pacifiers, the famous pacifiers with an international reputation, are available here. That’s because they are produced by well-known brands.

Among the essential features of these types of pacifiers is the fact that they have a shield that does not touch the skin around the mouth. We also note as something distinct that the teat is slightly protruding, that it is soft, flexible and also allows a flow of air to circulate. Compared to other pacifiers, their role is not only to soothe a baby, but also to provide him with the necessary comfort and not make him deviate from his sucking instinct. That is, the pacifier will not change his feeding habit at the breast, it will not change his breastfeeding preferences and in the long term it will not in any way influence the development of his oral cavity and dentition implicitly.

Regarding the choice of a suitable pacifier, those wishing to take into account the quality of the materials from which these accessories are made. Also, their replacement must be done in time, so that the teat is not already bitten or deformed due to repeated sanitization and sterilization.

In other words, pay attention to the details, how a pacifier is made, what materials it is made of and not necessarily the design or color. These are minor details to keep in mind.

Detached rainbow colors and other accessories

Always keep the pacifier close at hand and, above all, clean. In this sense, pacifier chains and pacifier protectors are useful. Whether we are talking about colored silicone ones or transparent ones, a protective pacifier cover will be ideal to use. You will avoid this accessory being touched by all kinds of surfaces. It will always be at hand.

These are all practical accessories. You will find them in various color variants, as if they came out of the rainbow. They can be ordered immediately from


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