A TikToker wonders: Is being a parent fun or not?


Through social media there are many who want to know when is the ideal age to become a parent so as not to “miss” the enjoyable moments.

But who says having kids isn’t fun?

Is there a certain age to become a parent? Are the kids ruining the fun? A TikToker it says out loud all the quiet thoughts that potential parents have.

@baileerainwater, posted a video on TikTok, which has now gone viral, describing people’s reasoning about when to have children.

“Yes, I will have a child now that I am 20 to enjoy my 40s. Guess I’ll be home alone when I get to that age. As if I’ll be able to do whatever I want.” he is heard saying.

Then he switches sides and says: “Well, I’m going to have a baby in my 30s so I can enjoy my 20s. I really want to enjoy my 20s so I’ll wait!”

The influencer then looks into the camera and asks: “Is having children really enjoyable or not?”

The responses she received under her post were many. Some expected and some not.

“I swear a lot of people out there think of their youth as ‘the best years of their lives’ simply because they’re single and having kids,” wrote one user with another adding: “Mmm, since I’m in my 20s (and uncommitted) I’ll tell you it’s delightful – kids aren’t the best at this stage of my life.”

“Here’s something you won’t hear: I’m not going to have kids so I can enjoy my life and continue to spoil my niece and nephew and be a cool aunt!” wrote another user whose opinion was not the best according to all the other commenters under the post.

“Parents talk about their daily lives as if they were serving a prison sentence, so no…”.. commented another @baileerainwater follower.

“Children are a delight. Motherhood no! wrote another!

Here I will simply say that both children and motherhood are delightful. It’s not a prison sentence like one of the girls above commented, nor is it devastating. Children are not a punishment for their parents. Children do not destroy the lives of the people who brought them into the world. On the contrary. They make her better, more beautiful and fill her with wonderful moments.

Advice from a 25-year-old mum (me)


Some might say I became an early mom, some others not. But let me tell you my opinion. When I met and fell in love with my husband I never expected to marry him. I was 23 years old, I had my job, I lived alone and we were in a relationship like all couples. We made appointments, we went out to eat, we went on little trips and we both said that “we start a relationship and wherever it takes us.” You see at that age I wasn’t thinking about marriage, let alone children.

And this one “we start wherever it takes us…”, took us out somewhere! Three months after we met, we moved in together, a year later came the marriage proposal, two years later the wedding took place, and in the third year we met, our daughter arrived.

I wouldn’t change a thing though! Our daughter made our world better, more beautiful, brighter and made us – both – see life with a different eye.

After the baby what?

After the baby we continued to date, we continued to travel, we continued our daily lives, with the only difference being that instead of two, there were three of us. And to catch up with you, we had no help from parents and in-laws. Wherever we went, we had our little one with us.

Now, 13 years after the arrival of our daughter, we continue to have fun and have a good time. Therefore;

So even with a child you can live a full life. Having children is 100% enjoyable, even if not everything is rosy. But I love all these moments – good and bad – and I love watching the next generation grow up before my eyes as I reach my 40s.