The consequences of poor communication in the family


Good communication helps the family stay connected and deal with problems effectively.

In the opposite case, there are conflicts and negative feelings are created. In addition, h lack of dialogue and understanding on the part of parents makes children feel emotionally abandoned.


Good communication should be a priority for every family.


Why is there not good communication between family members?

Children learn to develop their communication skills within the family. If the parents are not a good example, then they too will not be able to learn to communicate properly as they grow up.

The reasons that do not favor good communication in the family can be:

Bad environment

when the family environment is not goodthere are tensions and grumbling, it is difficult to have proper communication between family members.


When everyone in the home is concerned with themselves, regardless of what others are doing, individualism becomes the norm and communication is lost.

Lack of time

When family time is not a priority, how will there be proper communication? Eating while watching TV, looking at your cell phones instead of playing with children, and other similar behaviors prevent bonding between parents and children.

Lack of patience

Stress and anxiety do not go hand in hand with patience. Most parents, having a lot on their minds, don’t have the patience to talk to them. They usually just shake their heads, wanting to end the conversation an hour earlier.


When family members do not communicate with each other, the consequences are many.


The consequences of poor communication

Poor communication between family members has consequences which are usually the following:

  • Loss of emotional bonding between family members
  • Emotional loneliness.
  • Selfishness.
  • Bad behaviors.
  • Outbursts.
  • Mistrust among family members

What you need to remember is that in order to improve communication between you it is important to listen and respect each other.

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