Because I give importance to my family


I’m a full time mom and I’m proud of it. Such a mother raised me, and when it came time to create my own family, such a mother I wanted to be for my children.

Family is the greatest thing in the world and it needs care, dedication, time. And that’s what I chose to give her.

I know that if I was away from home, if I had other priorities, I wouldn’t be able to raise my children the way I would like to. I know that I would not be able to give my family the care and attention they deserve. I know I wouldn’t be the role model my mother once was to me.

The family is the most basic unit of society. It is the first environment in which a child grows up, where he acquires his first experiences, learns values ​​and plays a decisive role in the character and personality he will develop as he grows up. So how could that not be my priority?


Family means security. It means safety for a child, but also for me and my husband. We know we have each other no matter what and those bonds are only strong when we ourselves keep them tightly knit together.

Family is the future. Our children are the future and this future will only be auspicious if our children are raised with values ​​and standards which they learn in their family.