Internet, a danger for teenagers?

Internet, a danger for teenagers?

When it comes to addiction?

The Internet catches you and that can easily lead to losing track of time. Computer games should not take up all of their free time.

When he gives up sleep or neglects his school to sit in front of the computer, the child has a problem. In too high doses, the virtual world leads to a break from reality: the child withdraws into it, is increasingly lonely, and can become depressed.

Social networks, a problem?

An international study carried out last year shows that 34% of those between the ages of 11-12 have an active profile on a social network (such as Facebook or MySpace), a space where they post a lot of personal information.

Among teenagers of this age, more than 20% provide information about the city they live in, how old they are, and pictures of themselves. Only 69% of those tell their parents what they do on the Internet.

As they get older, they become more secretive. And, let’s face it, even parents are not patient enough to find out what is happening in the virtual environment.

Establish clear rules

For the safety of your child, it imposes rules for using the Internet:

– Sets a maximum duration of Internet connection (for example, an hour or two per day).

Install the computer in a visible place, preferably in a room other than the children. It would be good to know what sites they access and what they actually do on the Internet. Some may be restricted, but this will not necessarily protect them from danger. Anything forbidden is twice as exciting.

Teach him not to come into contact with strangers and not to disclose personal data to those he does not know.