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Family above all

Family above all

I believe that when times are hard, my family is my real support. There are people who say: “You know, I’m really jealous of your family…”.

But to have a family requires sacrifices. Put aside your ego, possibly your personal ambitions and invest in “we”.

To fight, to retreat…

Core of society

The Greek family is the core of our society. She is the one who keeps her members together in difficult times, she is a support and comfort in whatever happens.

But what happens when the family, instead of being (under)supported in every way, is attacked from everywhere?

In recent years, and not only the crisis, the blow the family has received is enormous.

The country’s population is shrinking, young couples are choosing not to have children or not more than one, while the role models projected have a single goal the weakening of the sacred institution of the Greek family.

The issue is not only demographic, it is deep and essential: it is about the survival of the Greek nation which is under threat.

Family requires sacrifices

I, as a woman, have many times sacrificed my personal pleasure and ambitions, set a moral standard, and supported my husband’s stress, maintaining peace and order in our household. After all, my role is to create a beautiful and pleasant environment for my husband and my daughter. I am their source of inspiration, as they often call me the person who calms and soothes them.

My grandmother, raising me taught me how to be a proper wife, who will “he picks up a stone and will quietly put all the bad times under it” – without complaining. After all, this is the secret to making a marriage last. But for God’s sake, what home doesn’t have tensions?

I have learned to stand by my husband and my daughter in all crises, failures and successes.

Raising my child, I want him to have the right role models and flourish in a safe environment that will be none other than his family.

I want him to know that one organized household, household taken care of by mom, is necessary for a normal family life.

Mia close family is “always there”

Basically what I want my daughter to learn is that family is her refuge in the easy and the difficult, in the successes and the failures.

They are there for each other, but not “on top of each other”.

I want her to know that she has the acceptance and love of her family that gives her that sense of security…even when we won’t be around.

I want her to keep this security within herself and to be able to look for it whenever and wherever she wants, to bring it to her mind and heart.

And then I will know that I have succeeded in my role and she will be able to raise her own family, teaching her children everything that my husband and I will have taught her.


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