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How to be the right role model for your child

How to be the right role model for your child

Children need love, boundaries and a role model.

And there may be no shortage of …candidates – from athletes and YouTubers to teachers and singers – however, none can compare to the influence exercised by the parent.

In most cases, children are more sensitive to what their parents do than to what they say.

“From infancy, children watch their parents and imitate them before they even begin to speak,” says the Shannon ErklinPhD, clinical psychologist at Central DuPage Hospital.

So when you take care of yourself, develop healthy habits, be kind, have friends, watch your behavior, you are a good role model for the child.


Parents with their daughter on the couch.


The ways to be the right role model are simple and everyday

take care of yourself

“Taking care of yourself is one of the hardest things to do”says Shannon Erklin emphasizing that the benefits are multiple. Children learn from your example and prioritize their own needs as they grow up.

Assess your emotional health

Teaching your child to respect and maintain their emotional health is one of the most important lessons. Her cultivation self-esteem and his self respect they are skills that benefit children throughout their lives. Similarly, a healthy approach to negative emotions such as frustration and anger is a foundation of maturity.

This doesn’t mean you have to hide your anger, sadness or frustration. Instead, your child can learn how to express and deal with them calmly.

Maintain healthy relationships

With family, friends and the wider immediate environment, shape the relationships you hope your child will have. Developing social skills is an important part of growing up. Be reliable, faithful and considerate. Children understand everything – being kind and respectful to others teaches your child that other people are important too.


Parents reading with their children on the floor.

Set goals

Show your child that goals can be big or small and that everyone has their own definition of success. Be open and encourage their interests.

Admit your mistakes

It is so important that your child hears you admit your mistakes. When teaching responsibility, you must also emphasize consequences.

Enhance independence

Through your personal independence, commitment to your values, and willingness to pursue your own goals, you can teach your child that he doesn’t have to follow the crowd. Define your own success and let your child define theirs.

Express your love

Before independence, before responsibility and long before she started dating, show your child how much you love them. Show him respect. Show him what a happy family looks like, show him how to be happy…

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