How important are massage and gymnastics for the baby

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One of the best ways to stimulate and tone the muscles of your newborn baby is gymnastics. Especially since he grows very fast, at about 4 months after birth, he is already preparing to walk and then take his first steps.

Through every exercise you do with him, you help him become both strong and agile, and at the same time have an appetite and sleep better.

It helps the motor development of the baby

From the womb, your baby is in a continuous, random movement, which it does involuntarily. Specialists recommend that after the age of 4 months you adopt a program of daily exercises to do with the baby, because until the age of 4 months he tones his neck and back muscles to be ready to make larger movements later.

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The exercises you do with him help to develop his motor functions more quickly and to keep him in certain positions. Baby gymnastics must include exercises for all body segments, in this way the little one will be able to move more easily from one stage to another until he begins to take the first steps towards your natural surprise on his own.

It contributes to the development of the nervous system

Whatever exercise you choose to do with him, it will be beneficial for his muscles but also for the development of his nervous system, thus helping him to move from involuntary movements to coordinated ones, to acquire a balance in his position so that he can then fly from only one.

A healthy, well-innervated and irrigated musculature will contribute substantially to a strong immune system and agility in carrying out its activities.

It is very important that these gymnastic exercises are combined with massage movements, because they help considerably to improve the circulation of blood, lymph and especially the internal organs.

Practically, every day is a new opportunity to work together on his emotional and physical stability.

Combine the useful with the pleasant

Don’t make his gymnastics a chore or expect him to sit straight while you massage him. Choose to translate all your work into fun play for both of you. Choose to socialize with your baby so that he associates gymnastics with a pleasant activity and in this way captures his attention more.

From the age of 4 months, choose to do daily exercises with him, such as the bicycle, using his legs, rolling on his side or crawling with his arms. It starts with the simplest movements and gradually increases the degree of difficulty.

Even if you are the one moving his limbs, with a little practice he will quickly learn the movements and you will notice how he will reproduce them himself.

Another extremely effective exercise is the one in which you move his arms away from the body and bring them closer to him, an appropriate exercise for developing the flexibility of the hands and their coordination.

Alternately lift one arm and one leg to work all of his fragile muscles at the same time.

These exercises are extremely effective to develop especially the trunk muscles and to gain lumbar strength to be able to support the physical activity afterwards.

The benefits of movement

It helps to reduce his agitation and stimulates digestion, at the same time being useful in removing the colic that gives you both so many headaches. More than that, it helps to relax and tone the muscles, to stimulate blood circulation and immunity, increases his appetite and creates a sense of security and comfort with you.