How to give your child more confidence in him

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Give him time to build up his courage

When he is in the community, let him talk to the other children. If you want him to handle himself, he has to climb the slide ladder himself. But stay close, so he knows he can count on you. Explain to him how to behave at the playground, how to introduce himself to a strange child at a party, or how he can initiate a group game. It’s just an example, but in any other situation you can do this, to show him that he can do whatever he wants without help.

Enroll him in acting classes or get him a pet

Studies have shown that animals, dogs in particular, help children to empathize more easily and to be calmer, more communicative. Enroll him in classes, such as an acting or dance class. Help him play a team sport. They are ideal ways for him to have an excuse to talk to children and young people his own age that he wouldn’t normally have dared to talk to. Cheer him on at competitions, celebrate his successes and be there for him, especially when he fails, when things don’t go well, assuring him that you’re proud of him anyway.

Don’t be afraid to praise him more often

The lack of confidence comes from the feeling that he cannot do anything on his own. Show him that he has reasons to be admired and praise him for what he does well. Encourage him to talk about his successes to friends, relatives. An important moment for a shy child can be the anniversary of his birthday, to which he invites the children he likes and does not dare to approach.

Let him choose for himself

Always send the little one the message that you love him unconditionally for who he is, and not because he does or chooses like you or him! Let him make decisions for sure. It is normal to make mistakes and to correct these mistakes yourself and learn from them. Make him understand that shyness will pass at some point and that, for that, exercise is needed.

Show him what his qualities are

Seeing you judge him negatively or criticize him excessively will make him shut down more. If you show him how many qualities he has, he will gain confidence in him. In childhood, anything can cause him emotional frustrations. By talking to him, you will help him to be more open with those around him and improve your social skills. Empathize with your child’s shyness and don’t make him feel ashamed.