7 essential questions for pregnant women

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What habits do I have to give up?

Do not worry. As an expectant mother, you don’t have to live under a glass globe. You just need to be a little careful and make some changes in your lifestyle. In the first two weeks after fertilization, nature goes by the “all or nothing” principle. Only a healthy embryo will begin to develop harmoniously.

If during this period of pregnancy you consume a lot of alcohol, smoke, are under medical treatments contraindicated for pregnancy or have contracted certain diseases, a spontaneous abortion may occur, which will rather look like a delayed period.

If the pregnancy progresses, it means that the fetus is not affected, but you will have to give up alcohol and tobacco and establish with your doctor another treatment that will not affect it.

Do I have to eat enough for two?

Not. Pregnant women do not need excess calories. You only need 180 extra calories, which means a sandwich with cheese. However, some pregnant women need less food, because they rest more and consume fewer calories.

For the fetus to develop, it needs milk and milk products (half to one liter of milk or equivalent milk products per day), lots of fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals. The food supplements you need are folic acid, iodine and iron. You can find them at any pharmacy, but do not take them unless recommended by your doctor.

Am I really pregnant?

As soon as you suspect that you are pregnant, go to a gynecologist to get confirmation and to have the necessary tests done. After that, you will be given appropriate treatment for the pregnancy to develop normally. The doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed.

I’m bleeding. It’s serious?

If this happens to you, go to the doctor immediately. Sometimes, it’s not a cause for concern. It can be a small blood vessel that burst in the uterus or a detachment of some tissues.

However, you must definitely go to the gynecologist, to keep the problem under control and carry your pregnancy to term without complications.

Why am I tired all the time?

Do you feel like sleeping during the day? Do you want to go home from work as soon as possible? Dozing off during your favorite TV show? Lead fatigue – this is what most pregnant women complain about. It’s normal. Something new is happening in your body: the child’s growth is being prepared. This costs a lot of energy.

Another reason would be that, often, during the first months of pregnancy, the circulation is bad. What helps you? Quick showers in which you alternate hot and cold water. At work, it would be good to take a walk outdoors during your lunch break. And rest whenever you have the opportunity. You have every right. When your body asks for more rest, it means you need it. Lay with the chickens? Well, pregnant women are allowed.

Do I also eliminate nutrients through vomiting?

Do not worry. Your baby has everything he needs. Many pregnant women do not gain weight at all in the first weeks of pregnancy, which does not create any problem. It is only from the tenth week that you must start eating more than before.

However, it is important to eat as normally as possible, even if you feel increasingly sick. Of course, there is no problem to keep losing weight.

Steamed carrots can ease the heartburn you feel in your stomach. However, if you were underweight at the beginning of your pregnancy and then gain a lot of weight, go to the doctor.

Why is my waist getting bigger?

Do not worry. It is normal for the waist to thicken first because, at the beginning of pregnancy, the fetus is very small and sits inside the pelvis. When it starts to grow, it will add inches to your waist. In the sixteenth week, the belly begins to grow visibly.

Does pregnancy bring changes for the better?

There is a visible glow that comes from within. The belly is not visible yet, but your self-confidence and zest for life have increased. Sometimes you wake up daydreaming. Those who know you can notice that something has changed about you.

This happens because of the hormones that the pregnancy activates. Estrogen makes your hair silky, progesterone makes everything seem easier and the world around you more beautiful.

Doctor Click! advises you

The pregnant woman must avoid anything that could harm the fetus. If he is a healthy person and without harmful habits, the way of life should not change. If the pregnancy presents risks, then it must be advised by the attending physician depending on the situation. I do not recommend food supplements to pregnant women.

They should have a varied, balanced diet, with many fruits and vegetables, eat properly, rationally, without excesses. At the end of pregnancy, normally, she should not have more than 8-10 kg extra. They must avoid excess carbohydrates and salt. Symptoms of nausea can be improved if fats, mayonnaise, cream and sauces are removed from the diet.

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Because I wanted a problem-free pregnancy and a birth as easy as possible, I signed up at a center for expectant mothers in a program called Mothers’ School. Within it, I do one hour of gymnastics and one hour of classes on various topics (pregnancy hygiene, childbirth, breastfeeding, child care, etc.). I go twice a week. Adriana Solomon, Galati